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I grew up in Hastings, a large town on the coast of Sussex, England. I attended St. Matthew’s church regularly while I was growing up, but only became a Christian when I gave my life to Christ at a Crusader Camp one summer. It was then that I realised that God wanted my life.

I remember missionaries coming when I was young, and talking about God wanting to use us, not just preachers and evangelists, but whatever gifts we have to offer. I don’t know why I remember that, but I never thought I would be the one standing here in front of you all today as a missionary.

In 1990, after working in Hastings for a number of years, I felt led to leave my job in engineering to receive Christian training and learn about the worldwide church. So I joined Operation Mobilisation for a year, which is an international organisation, focusing on unreached peoples with the gospel of Jesus.

I ended up spending two years in Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic and Slovakia, learning evangelistic tools such as the sketch-board, and literature distribution on the streets and in the classrooms. This was a very exciting time as we were among the first teams to conduct open Christian meetings in post communist Europe.

It was through meeting South African Christians in Czech that I was led to spend the next two years in Southern Africa. I thought Czechs were a cross-cultural experience until I found myself in a Church meeting under nothing but a tree each Sunday morning! We would visit rural communities, often piled in the back of a pick-up truck. Once after driving some distance through dusty tracks, I was at the very back of the truck and I arrived covered from head to toe in orange dust. Others on the team said that I didn’t need to take the way I related to the locals so seriously!

It was while I was in South Africa that I led a presentation team, and developed display boards and literature that visually presented the needs in the world. In Czech, I learned evangelism but that didn’t make me very good at it, where as I knew I could see what looked good on a page and found fulfillment there, and there was a clear need for someone to work with graphics.

In 1995 I returned to the UK, where I started to focus on using my practical skills to be part of a team that mobilises people to be a part of the Great Commission. I work on many aspects of visual graphics including video, web design and CD ROM’s. In 1997 I married my wife Jo, who was part of our team, and shares my vision in mobilising others. We have five children, Benjamin (24/9/98), Ellan (13/5/00), Joshua (2/9/02), Rebekah (31/1/05) and Lydia (09/12/07).

In October 2001, we moved to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) where I work in the communications department of the OM USA team. My main role being web design/maintainance, along with many other technical roles. We feel America is where God wants us to be right now, despite there being many things about the UK that we miss, including parks and National Trust sites, history, family, chocolate, and a good curry!

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