Chip Kirk is an international Minister with OM, and his website serves to communicate his "Soul Food" quotes for building Spiritual well-being. He also hs his calendar, notes, and other information for public download.


Inspiro Arts Alliance is a ministry of OM that seeks to cultivate and empower artists globally to spark beautiful worship and witness among the least reached.



America's premier electric flight festival, SEFF is the largest event of it's kind, and attracts enthusiasts of all aspects of radio controlled electric flight. The event is held each year close to Americus, GA.


The Fayette Flyers provide a welcoming, safe, family oriented environment for enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy radio controller model aviation. Our dedicated flying field is located just north of Peachtree City and offers both a well maintained grass runway and a great lake for float flying including a two-person pedal boat. We offer instruction, regular club events.


We all need regular intermissions in our lives. We need moments to slow down, pause and listen. We need times when we pay attention and process. We need the space to become aware of God’s presence and listen to him. Kurt offers support in your journey of growing closer to God...


This Legacy Project represents a milestone-vista along a breathtaking journey of over 30 years of Bill Drake's life, writing and recording music.


Pastors Beyond is an affiliation of Pastor-wife couples whose common ethos consists of doing ‘all things pastoral’ for missionaries on their own turf. It is our belief that all believers need a pastor as friend, encourager and one who will bring the Word to them regardless of where they may be at spiritually or where they may reside geographically.


Jack's site offers bible studies on the Gospel of Mark, followed by Judges, Matthew, John and Joshua in three languages. A few outlines can be found either on the whole or a part of the other Bible books.